internet speed test facebook page
Aim of this tool is to give you the facility to test your internet speed test and see the actual internet speed you are getting from your internet provider.
Simply visit form your Mobile or PC and click the start button.
You can login using your Google for facebook account.
If you test your internet speed after you log in, then all the test result will be recorded for you. You can see all your test reports on the “history” page at any time.
For every test, you run we generate a unique URL. So, you can share this unique URL with anyone and to any social network. For your convenience, we added the facebook and twitter share button to share the internet speed test result by one click.
On this page, you will see Statistics report on Internet speed around the globe. For example which city’s users are getting the top speed internet.
Yes, this web application is fully mobile-friendly. So, you can test your internet connection from mobile too.
No. This is totally free of cost.
We only store the data you see in your “internet speed test result” which is your IP, download speed, upload speed, ping speed etc. When you connected to the internet these data are accessible by anyone and this is actually your ISP data. So these are not any private data to keep hidden and not harmful to break privacy.