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For whatever reason, you are using the internet, but when you are testing the internet speed that means you want to know the accurate result, you want to know the actual internet speed you are getting from your internet provider.

We are here to serve you exactly what you want!

You can say, there is already a lot of website/tool doing the same thing (some of the big names like, there). So, why you guys?

Well, I do agree with you. But still, I think there is a scope to create something simple and user-friendly but powerful for the regular users. I tried to create something easy to understand, and tried to add some features that someone might find useful. for example, if you log in you can save all test history to compare your test result time by time. you can see the statistical report on internet speed which is very attractive information for the curious mind and sometimes very useful information.

So, now here I am going to explain how actually the internet speed test work. you just need to visit this website from PC/laptop or mobile device and click the "start" button.

This tool can measure the speed of any type of connection like broadband, Mobile data, Wifi etc.

There are four parameters to estimate the speed:
Download speed: What is download speed? among the 4 parameters, this is the most important one. Actually, this is your internet speed. the download speed indicates the speed of data you receive from the server. Download speed is important because, when you browse any website or watch videos or play games or download any file all are you downloading from the server. So your experience depends on your download speed.

Upload speed: It's the speed that indicates the data you send to the internet. for example, you uploading photo/video to social media, sending images or files as an email attachment, uploading files to the server everything depends on your upload speed.

Ping: Ping calculates the time taken for transferring data from device to server and vice versa. It is measured in ms as in milliseconds. The lesser value indicates higher speed

Jitter: The fourth and final term is jitter. It the opposite term of ping. It calculates the delayed time of sending data to the server. It is also measured in ms. Here the value should be lower to ensure a speedy connection. Through this speed test, you can easily know about your connection. After this you are aware of how much time your connection consumes to perform your command. And connect to everything with your dedicated speed.